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Upcoming Events

  • Thursday 30 November 2017
  • 17:30 - 20:00
  • Boroughmuir Sports

ActionCLUB - Group Coaching for progressive owner-managed businesses

Isn't it funny that to become a doctor, a dentist, an accountant or a lawyer you have to invest thousands of pounds in formal education yet for just a few clicks on the Companies House website and a £14 fee you can become the Director of your own Company! You effectively are given the keys to a vehicle through which you can create whatever life you dream of, yet you're given no training in how to drive the darn thing! ActionCLUB is a program of practical, street-wise business education that you just don't get from anywhere else.

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  • Friday 17 November 2017
  • 08:00 - 17:00
  • Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue


CREATE A DYNAMIC BUSINESS PLAN FOR A MORE POWERFUL BUSINESS Take this opportunity to spend two intensive days working ON your business. Plan how you’re going to achieve your goals and build the value of your business...

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  • Friday 8 December 2017
  • 09:30 - 11:30
  • RBS

3 Things You Need To Know As You Scale Your Business

Which stage of the business life-cycle are you in? Start-Up, Growth, Maturity or Decision-Time. As much as every business thinks they are different, the reality is that when it comes to business life-cycles, every business is exactly the same. The main challenges at each stage are the same for everyone and our ability to cope with these challenges will be down to how prepared we are. Are you winging it or are you preparing for success?

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  • Wednesday 13 December 2017
  • 08:45 - 17:00
  • Norton House Hotel & Spa

GrowthCLUB December 2017

We want Scottish businesses to thrive. We want your business to thrive! But the statistics show that without some form of plan, most businesses will ultimately fail or at best merely survive. GrowthCLUB helps you create your bespoke 90 day action plan for your business.

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  • Wednesday 10 January 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:30
  • Macdonald Houstoun House

Improve Your Conversion Rate. Sell Well.

If you're in business you're in Sales! The success of your business will be determined by the selling skills you and your team have, yet so many people have a negative view of Sales. Why is that? And if that's the case, undoubtedly this belief will mean that your Sales skills will be below par. In this interactive workshop we'll show you how to view sales in a much more positive and empowering light and help you learn the essential components to professionally help customers to buy.

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