Nurturing Your Existing Customers

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Creating Raving Fans

Did you know that it’s 6 times cheaper to sell to your existing customers than it is to get new customers on board? Despite this, many businesses focus on marketing for new customers and overlook the potential benefits to be obtained from nurturing their existing customer base.

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It took you a long time and a lot of hard work to get your clients on board, but are you taking as much effort to keep them and get them to spend more, more regularly? It is 6 times easier to sell to an existing client as it to a new one, so if you want more sales from less effort, then this workshop is for you.

If you're looking to build value in your business so that you can maximise it's sale value at a point in the future you'll need to become familiar with the concept of Net Promoter Score which we'll cover.

Once you get clear on how the ideal customers you actually want to serve and how you want to serve them then life becomes so much clearer and thus simpler....and guess what....your team become more engaged and start to deliver better service.

What does the event cover?

You'll use the Ladder of Loyalty as a framework for the journey you'll take people through as they transition from someone with whom you don't even have a relationship up to the point at which they are Raving Fans of your business.

  • You'll become clearer on your ideal target market
  • You'll hear ideas of how to make initial contact with your ideal customers
  • You'll explore ways of getting customers to take the first step to 'trying you out'
  • You'll learn the importance of the second purchase
  • You'll start to think of ways to create a sense of belonging for your customers
  • You'll see how you can encourage customers to actively refer you to others

Nothing is more important in business as customer retention so we'll cover topics like:

  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Life Time Value
  • Grading Customers
  • Customer Satisfaction

This workshop will make you think about how you look at your current customer base and your wider database in terms of both marketing and customer service.

Is this the right event for me?

This workshop is intended for Business Owners and Managing Directors who are responsible for improving customer service levels and increasing revenues and profits through repeat business.

You need to be serious about growing your business. This isn't a networking event. It's a learning event.

You'll be amongst other progressive business owners, all of whom are enjoying a business coaching relationship with one of the 5 coaches running the session, so in addition to the workshop content, you'll hear many more hints and tips from other successful businesses.

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Event details

  • Wednesday 16 May 2018
  • 18:00 - 20:30
  • Macdonald Houstoun House

    Uphall, West Lothian EH52 6JS, United Kingdom

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About the speaker

Alan Smith

  • A certified business coach with the World’s No1 Business Coaching Firm – ActionCOACH.
  • Winner of Best Client Ratings Award 2017 and 2018 with a Net Promoter Score of 86.
  • Has worked with two of the world’s largest blue-chip food and drink companies – Pepsico and Mondelez (formerly Cadbury)
  • A results driven individual with a track record of success, with a particular focus in developing and improving business performance through implementing sales and marketing strategies and through building motivated and effective teams to perform in highly competitive markets.
  • Have a look at some of the numerous five star Google reviews from delighted clients…
The training morning was very informative & fun. Alan is an excellent presenter and it shows he is very experienced in presenting to business people. I was reminded again and again of techniques I could use in multiple areas of my business. James Gough - Virtual Global



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