3 things you need to know as you scale your business

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Which stage of the business life-cycle are you in?

Start Up - Growth - Maturity - Decision Time

Why you should

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There are 3 lots of people that need convincing about your ambitions for growth.

1. The first (and arguably most crucially) is YOU.

2. Secondly, you need to convince your FUNDERS

3. And finally, the people who'll help you do it each and every day - your TEAM.

Learn how to do this with the help of experienced business coaches Alan Smith and Suj Legha.

What does the event cover?

Sustainable growth doesn't just happen. It needs to be planned. There'll be challenges and so to know where you are in the business life-cycle will help you anticipate and overcome these.

How will you retain existing and win new customers?

How do you recruit the right people to handle this growth?

How will you manage the cash position through such busy times?

How will you secure the funding to realise your growth ambition?

You'll learn 3 critically important aspects of growth:

  1. The ability to articulate where you are going, why, and inspire people to join you on the journey.....including your funders!
  2. The critical importance of demonstrating a good grasp of your numbers....past, present and future
  3. The confidence you and others will have in your ambition....when you have a practical framework for business growth

Is this the right event for me?

As much as every business thinks they are different, the reality is that when it comes to business life-cycles, every business is exactly the same. The main challenges at each stage are the same for everyone and our ability to cope with these challenges will be down to how prepared we are. Are you winging it or are you preparing for success?

This event will be right for you if:

  • You are thinking seriously about scaling up your operation
  • You feel you want to put the steps in place to improve the value of your business
  • You are looking to transition the business to your emerging management team

Event details

  • Friday 8 December 2017
  • 09:30 - 11:30
  • RBS

    Conference Room, House G, Gogarburn Edinburgh, Midlothian EH12 9BS

What attendees say

About this event

About the speaker

Alan Smith

  • Has worked with two of the world’s largest blue-chip food and drink companies – Pepsico and Mondelez (formerly Cadbury) – holding increasingly senior commercial roles involving the leadership of a 60 strong field sales division and leading a team responsible for the £100m P&L of Mondelez’s 6th largest national customer.
  • A results driven individual with a track record of success, with a particular focus in developing and improving business performance through implementing sales and marketing strategies and through building motivated and effective teams to perform in highly competitive markets.
  • An honest communicator who always works towards win:win in all relationships and who has a strong belief in supporting people to maximise their potential.
  • Has a high level of self-awareness and as such always challenges clients to develop greater self-awareness and accountability to help them access their personal potential.
The training morning was very informative & fun. Alan is an excellent presenter and it shows he is very experienced in presenting to business people. I was reminded again and again of techniques I could use in multiple areas of my business. James Gough - Virtual Global


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